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Realm Wars: Dreams In Ruin Digital Copy (Book1)

First the thunderstorm, then the dragon, now four-armed fly aliens with technosticks… How could this day get any worse?

Dash is a not-so-mild-mannered automaton manager by day, and a level-60 interverse archmage by night. After discovering a mysterious code in the server farms, she travels to Dig Site Six, searching for the source of the anomaly. But through a series of unexpected events, Dash finds herself lost in the Crimson Forest. Little does she know, dangerous things lurk within the bioluminescent trees at night. Not only will Dash be forced to confront these looming threats, but she'll also find an ancient secret hidden deep within the woods.

An ancient secret with the power to change the fate of the Twelve Realms.
The best way to describe Realm Wars would be if you mixed Mass Effect and Lord of the Rings, then added a sprinkle of Alice In Wonderland.

Within this space opera action-adventure, you'll find spaceships, futuristic weapons, engaging characters, and alien races. Not to mention secret societies, ancient ruins, mystical energies, and MUCH MUCH MORE!

Join the fun and get your copy today!

Realm Wars: Dreams In Ruin Digital Copy (Book1)

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