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Travel through time and space with Morgan, a young woman caught between two worlds. In a future where magic and technology are one, the social classes are sharply divided. Noble classes have access to the power of arcana. While lower classes must make do with enchanted technology. But an attack on the planet sets Morgan on a dangerous path. She finds herself questioning the very foundations of this society.

From the mythical past of King Arthur and the Merlin trials to the terraformed world of Europa in the 26th century, Morgan navigates through time and space to protect a boy caught in the middle of a class war. Along the way, she meets fascinating characters and battles fierce enemies. All while struggling to make sense of her place in this world.

Join Morgan as she fights to find balance in a society with an unbalanced social class system. Read as she uncovers the secrets behind arcana. This thrilling science fiction fantasy adventure will leave you on the edge of your seat. Eager to discover what happens next.

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