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Realm Wars: Reflections Of Darkness Digital Copy (Book2)

If dreams can come true, does that mean nightmares can too?


After interacting with mysterious ruins in the Crimson Forest and nearly getting killed, Dash wants nothing more than to return to her normal life, working on the server farms in the basement. Unfortunately, her little incident in the woods has raised the eyebrow of some top-level conglomerate suits. Not to mention the drama it caused between her and her best friend, Avalon.


And to top it all off, now she's seeing things.


Spacey things...


As Dash attempts to put her life back to normal, ancient dark forces gather in the secluded sectors of space, waiting to strike. Little does Dash know, she's about to embark on an adventure of a lifetime.

Realm Wars: Reflections Of Darkness Digital Copy (Book2)

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