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Reflections Of Darkness Is Out!

Book two of the Realm Wars main series has officially launched.

Realm Wars book two, Reflections Of Darkness Pre-order

Book two of the Realm Wars main series, Reflections of Darkness is finally out. Below is a quick blurb about the story:


Reeve wraiths and cyborgs? Seriously?

After her adventure in the crimson forest, Dash wants nothing more than to return to her mundane life of working on the server farms. Unfortunately, the company pencil pushers want a full report on the incident and the anomalous code. Before she knows it the United Planetary Council gets involved. Not to mention, she starts seeing strange visions.

Eventually, Dash receives a new assignment that will force her out of her comfort zone and into the wider worlds. Little does she know, there are dark forces that lurk in the fringes of space. Dark forces that will stop at nothing to prevent her from unlocking the deeper mysteries of the realms.


The best way to describe Realm Wars would be if you mixed Mass Effect and Lord of the Rings, then added a sprinkle of Alice In Wonderland.

Within this space opera action adventure, you'll find spaceships, futuristic weapons, engaging characters, and alien races. Not to mention secret societies, ancient ruins, mystical energies, and MUCH MUCH MORE!

Join the fun and get your copy today!

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