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Check out the titles which have officially hit the shelves and are now available at Whether you are interested in sticking with a favorite writer, or want to give a new author a chance, you’ll find your next great read with Story Ninjas.


Brennien Coker

Angels are real. Given the task of saving a human life, a band of angels traverse the spiritual plans. Leaving the comfort of Angelion, the angel city, they are thrust into a spiritual war. Based on the angels of the Bible, Angelion tells the story of everyday life of angels.



Josh Coker

Within this steampunk dystopian adventure you'll find airships, dirigibles, air harbors, Victorian era speech and clothing, pirates, explorers, automatons, alchemy, modified weapons, monsters, ancient ruins, and much much more!


Brennien Coker

Sam watches Police TV Show. Sam goes to work as security guard. Sam get's knocked out. Sam wakes up inside TV show.

An episodic police dramody.



S. Cary

Ali is an adventurous girl that lives with her annoying little sister. Little does Ali know, magical forces beyond her wildest dreams live in the woods near their backyard. Ali must embark on an adventure that will not only change the course of her life, but save the world from utter destruction.

S. Cary

Planning a cabin trip? Going hunting? Looking for stories to tell around the campfire? Or maybe you want to spook your friends this weekend? This is the book for you. Dark Tales is the second installment of tantalizing tales from Story Ninjas. In this collection you'll find SEVEN scary stories to tell around the campfire. From killer clowns to viral parasites, this series has all kinds of haunting stories to make your spine tingle.


S. Cary

After discovering her parents were leaders of a secret society, Ember, a college student is thrust into an adventure that will change her life forever. This paranormal romance features vampires, werebears, werewolves, gypsies, witches and much more.


Mike and Longine S.

After shadow titans killed his parents, young Wren is taken in by a secret league of assassins. For years he served as a squire. But it’s finally time for his first mission. The Elder gathers the League’s best assassins: Viper, Jackal, and Winter Fox. He instructs them to head toward the Narvik Sea to dispose of Lunar Knights in the area. This concerns the others, as it would surely increase the Shadow King’s power in that region. Wren particularly still holds a grudge because of what happened to his family. The Elder reminds them that the League is impartial to such matters and sends them on their way. Despite his misgivings, Wren goes on the adventure.



David Arthur

After the Necro-war, the kingdom of Miceara fell into ruin. The gateway portals are closed. The King's army is all but decimated. Worst of all, dragons infest the lands, leaving nothing but fire and ash in their wake. Disgraced and disfigured from the giant serpents, the King spends his days watching gladiators fight to the death in the Colosseum. After receiving troubling news of more dragon attacks, the King makes a drunken proclamation. Any gladiator that survives tomorrow's challenge shall win their freedom and will be promoted to lead his dragon slaying division.


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