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Realm Wars: Past The Fringe --Preorder-- (Book 3)

Reeve wraiths and cyborgs? Seriously?
The best way to describe Realm Wars would be if you mixed Mass Effect and Lord of the Rings, then added a sprinkle of Alice In Wonderland.

Within this space opera action-adventure, you'll find spaceships, futuristic weapons, engaging characters, and alien races. Not to mention secret societies, ancient ruins, mystical energies, and MUCH MUCH MORE!

Join the fun and get your copy today!

Realm Wars: Past The Fringe --Preorder-- (Book 3)

Expected Release Spring of 2024
  • This is a preorder for book three in the Realm Wars main series, Crossing the Fringe. Regular retail price is $4.99. It includes the digital ebook, a digital short story, bonus content, 7 days early access, and Remnant Digital Wallpaper Art.

  • ***NOTE: Paperbacks are for U.S. Locations only. All non-U.S. paperback purchases will be canceled.***

    ***If you're purchasing a paperback you must provide the address of the U.S. location you want it sent to***

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