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New Worlds In The New Year

Updated: Feb 3

Active Dates: Dec 31st 2023 - Feb 1st, 2024

Every month, Story Ninjas joins forces with up-and-coming authors to provide you with new exciting stories. Click the link to get access to 33 sci-fi / fantasy books.


You may have heard that Josh Coker combined all of last year's monthly short stories into a special collection called Celestial Seasons.

Not only did he fit the original 12 narratives in there, but he also added two bonus stories as well, for a total of 14 short stories.

We're selling it for $2.99 on the major book retailers.

But you get a DISCOUNT. If you buy it directly from us, you can save a buck and get the eBook for $1.99.

Get your copy of Realm Wars today!

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