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Which do I write first, the main story, or a reader magnet?

Updated: Jan 23


Hey there fellow writers, Josh Coker here, and today we're gonna talk about a topic that many fiction authors question - should you write your reader magnet or your main story first? It's a tricky question and the answer really depends on where you're at in your writing journey and your reader magnet process.


Deciding whether to write a reader magnet or the main story first depends on the stage of your writing journey, the reader magnet process, and the balance of time, energy, and money. If you have already started the main story it's best to finish it before tackling the reader magnet, otherwise, it's best to begin with the reader magnets as they are shorter to write and allow you to publish faster and build your audience.

If you would prefer to watch Josh talk about this topic, rather than read about it, you can click here for the video version.

Two main camps of writers

As a writer, there are two main camps you can fall into - those who have already started writing their main story and those who haven't yet begun writing in their new fictional world.