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Combat Chick

From romance to science fiction, we do it all.


Let us bring your story to life. Many writers start their idea for a story but never finish. Sometimes it's because they lack the time, or sometimes it's because they lack the expertise. Other times it's simply because writer's block got the best of them. Whatever the case may be, your story needs to be told.


Here at Story-Ninjas, we have writers for every scenario. Contact us today to get a free quote.


In your message, let us know the basic details of your project. 

  1. Genre

    1. Romance​

    2. Science Fiction

    3. Fantasy

    4. Thriller

    5. Other

  2. Word count estimate

    1. ​Short Story (less than 5,000 words)

    2. Novelette (5,000-9,999 words)

    3. Novella (10,000-39,999 words)

    4. Novel (over 40,000 words). 

  3. Current state of story​​

    1. I have a concept​ or outline

    2. I have a few chapters written

    3. The first draft is half-way to almost done

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