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From The Desk Of Josh Coker


Palm Beach Gardens, Fl


Jan 4, 2018


Dear friend,


I just finished recording a brand new webinar on How To Create Commercial Fiction That Sells and I wanted to see if you would like to check it out.


This is an exclusive opportunity to get free video training from me. I'll teach you the 5 Steps To Create A Blockbuster Theme. This system allows our publishing company to produce fiction stories in multiple genres fast and efficiently. Last year we published over 50 stories that sell in various countries around the world.


This will be an online-based training where you can watch at your own pace. The course is nearly two hours long and filled with cutting-edge writing techniques that will take your story to the next level. These are never-before-seen techniques that will help your narrative no matter what your experience level. 


Here's a quick “glimpse” of what you're going to learn:

  • First, how to avoid common pitfalls that writers make so that you can finally finish your story

  • How to develop a theme that resonates with your audience

  • How to structure your story so readers can't put it down

  • The NEW way to write characters without convoluted character studies


You’re also getting the following:


- How to write a fiction story, even if you’ve never written a book before
- What they don’t want you to know about storytelling
- The classic 3-act structure that all blockbusters follow
- Why you should never write your story “from the heart”
- How to create an impactful character arc for your hero
- The truth about commercial fiction
- Why plotting out your story first is the only approach that works
- How to write a hero that your audience will immediately embrace
- Countless character examples from blockbusters, myth, books, video games and TV series
- Multiple action steps that you can implement in your story immediately
- The critical characters every commercial story must have
- Can you write your characters wrong? A warning against stereotypes
- How NOT to write a villain 
- How to write characters that feel “real,” without going through a four-page character study


… and all you have to do is show up, sit back, then relax.


So you leave with nothing left to do but tweak the content and “turn it on.”


If you're interested, enter your name and email address below to get started.

Where should we send the webinar?

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